Two Books I'm Currently Loving

Two Books I'm Currently Loving

Work-life balance. It's something a lot of people talk about. But the burden of actually finding that perfect balance more often than not falls on women. How can we pursue our own dreams, career and otherwise, and prioritize our family at the same time? Is that possible? Some may argue that isn't even right

As a new mom expecting our first baby in a few short months, you can imagine how much I've been mulling these questions over. That's why I'm thrilled to have found two books on the subject written by two successful, wise, inspiring mothers. 

I'm planning to review these books in more detail once I finish them — but here's a quick preview with a few things I love most about them so far. 

Inspiring Ideas From a British Mom and CEO

I'm nearly finished listening to A Good Time to Be a Girl via audible. The British author, Helena Morrissey, has found success as a CEO and mother of nine kids. If that alone isn't enough to inspire, I'm not sure what is. 

Morrissey's book focuses on women in the corporate world. My favorite part is her argument that women will find more success and equality in the workforce by embracing their femininity rather than trying to remake themselves in the image of men. Incidentally, our kids, husbands, companies and societies as a whole will benefit from this as well. 

Wisdom and Giggles From a Catholic Mom and Writer

I'm currently about half way through One Beautiful Dream by author and radio host Jennifer Fulwiler. The Catholic mom and mother of six brings a Christian perspective to "family chaos, personal passions, and saying yes to them both," as her book's subtitle puts it. 

I've already laughed out loud multiple times (I'm reading this one the old-fashioned way, with a hardcover), and find Fulwiler extremely relatable, probably because she describes herself as a major introvert and details her struggles as an aspiring writer before hitting the big time. 

My favorite part of Fulwiler's book so far is her story of how she and her husband stopped thinking of their own ambitions on a purely individualistic level, and came up with a cohesive vision for their entire family. 

More to Come!

So far, both books have given me much hope and optimism — about the changing landscape of the workforce and how that will benefit women and their families, and how God can equip us to pursue more than one dream at a time. 

Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for my full reviews on these two books!

Disclaimer: I'm not actually reading these books on the beach, as the accompanying photo might suggest. Though I'm convinced life would be better if I were! Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash.

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