Losing Steam on Your New Year's Resolutions? Read 'Volcanic Momentum'

Losing Steam on Your New Year's Resolutions? Read 'Volcanic Momentum'

Well folks, it’s the end of January — the time when, after a few determined weeks of working toward our New Year’s resolutions, we lose a little steam.

But wait! Don’t throw in the towel just yet. I know the end-of-January slump well, but I also know it’s not too late to keep those resolutions. Not by a long shot. And here to help us is Jordan Ring and his new book, Volcanic Momentum: Get Things Done By Setting Destiny Goals, Mastering the Energy Code, and Never Losing Steam.

Jordan reached out last month and asked if I’d like to read and review Volcanic Momentum. I’m glad I did, because it’s given me the inspiration needed to keep moving on with my New Year’s resolutions, as well as some long-term goals.

Three Reasons You Should Read It

Here’s why I like Volcanic Momentum:

  1. It’s not too long. Let’s be real. When we’re struggling to stay on top of our resolutions as it is, a super-long book isn’t what we need. Volcanic Momentum has three sections divided into quick chapters with approachable pros that make the read fast, easy, and pleasant. (There are also Audible and Kindle versions available.)

  2. It’s chock-full of specific, practical tips. This is a big one for me. Discussing the “why” behind our goals is good — but unhelpful, in my opinion, if you don’t cover the “how.” Jordan’s all over the “how,” with bulleted lists, detailed examples, and links to FREE resources scattered through the pages. Some might even say Jordan goes overboard with some of his examples, lists and suggestions, but for a book about getting stuff done, I think it’s wise to err on the side of too much practical advice rather than too little.

  3. It has nuggets of much-needed wisdom in today’s culture of busyness and overwork. You might think a book called Volcanic Momentum about getting things done will only make your life harder, busier and more stressful, but that’s definitely not the case.

A Few More Reasons You Should Read It

One of my favorite things about Volcanic Momentum is how Jordan encourages the reader to categorize our goals into different levels. Sometimes there is so much we want to do — this week, this year, during our lifetime — that we get overwhelmed and end up pursuing none of it. Using Jordan’s system will help you order your mind and your life, and know which of your goals to pursue and when.

The goal-level system will also help you work more effectively. “If we learn to work less and instead focus on the most important activities, we can get more done by doing the right things,” Jordan writes. Ahhh. Working less, yet getting more done. Doesn’t that sound like a breath of fresh air?

“Busyness is a facade for fear, avoidance, and misplaced priorities.”
— Jordan Ring, "Volcanic Momentum"

Another thing that’s great about Volcanic Momentum is that it’s not just about the huge, life-changing goals, but also small victories and “quick wins.” Have you ever knocked out all the easy things on your to-do list first in order to feel good about yourself? Me too. Turns out, that’s not so crazy. These “quick wins” aren’t silly or meaningless, but key to building momentum.

Speaking of momentum, Jordan’s “energy code” chapter in Section II is where a lot of his most helpful practical advice is found. I was a bit skeptical of the “energy code” at first (would it involve a magic potion or mathematical formula?), but it turns out it’s just step-by-step suggestions for developing a productive lifestyle that’s sustainable. (Running off caffeine and little to no sleep can work for a time, but we all know it leads to burnout.)

Too Busy to Reach Our Goals

One of the best things about Volcanic Momentum is that Jordan debunks the idea that you have to be busy in order to reach your goals. This is a message that our nation — where employees are consistently overworked and everyone feels the need to keep up with the Joneses — desperately needs.

I love this quote: '“Busyness is a facade for fear, avoidance, and misplaced priorities. … Make sure your tasks line up with what you want your life to become.” These are the nuggets of wisdom I was talking about. How often do we keep ourselves running in circles to feel productive or important … while we’re actually avoiding the things we really want or need to be doing?

So if you’re looking for …

  • Motivation to keep reaching for those New Year’s resolutions

  • Help identifying and organizing your goals, big and small

  • Practical suggestions for how to get stuff done

…I recommend Volcanic Momentum. As Jordan writes, “what we do in this life really matters.” So let’s get to it!

Get the book here. Read more about Jordan Ring here.

Photo by Nurhadi Cahyono on Unsplash

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