Hey, It's #BookLoversDay!

Hey, It's #BookLoversDay!

When I logged on to Twitter this morning I discovered it is #BookLoversDay. Since I don't blog about books enough (that's supposed to be a joke), here are a couple reads I highly recommend. 

1. Longing for Motherhood by Chelsea Patterson Sobolik

Chelsea is an inspiring young woman of God I've had the privilege of interviewing twice for The Stream. Earlier this year, her first book, Longing for Motherhood: Holding on to Hope in the Midst of Childlessness, was released. 

Why is this book important? Because infertility is something women and couples often suffer through silently. As someone who knows this struggle firsthand, Chelsea also knew there weren't many Christian resources for women and couples in this boat. 

“I essentially wrote the book I wish I’d had,” she told me. 

The book isn't just for people experiencing childlessness. It's a great resource for pastors, church members and friends who want to better minister to those around them.

Moreover, the book is filled with honest, biblical discussions about two very important things: grief and hope. Even if infertility isn't your specific struggle, you'll be comforted and uplifted by the spiritual insights contained in Longing for Motherhood

And if that isn't enough to convince you, it's half-price today if you purchase it from Moody Publishers! 

For more information, read my interview with Chelsea on The Stream

2. Breaking the Feedback Loop by A.N. Turner

Internet addiction is a serious issue, and one Turner deals with in detail in his recent book, Breaking the Feedback Loop: How I Liberated Myself From Internet Addiction, And How You Can Too. 

A millennial who has worked in the tech industry, Turner knows what it's like to be seriously addicted to social media and online pornography. He also knows how prevalent those addictions are, especially for today's kids and young adults. 

In Breaking the Feedback Loop, he does a great job of describing how harmful such addictions are — how they compromise our ability to fully enjoy life, have healthy relationships, and function as a productive member of society. If you haven't been convinced yet to examine your own internet habits (or your kids'), you'll definitely be convinced after reading this book. 

“We are a miserable generation so far,” Turner writes in his book. “If we don’t fundamentally alter the way we interact with new technologies, we are doomed.”

Read my full review of Breaking the Feedback Loop, as well as my interview with Turner, at The Stream


So now that I've recommended a couple of reads for #BookLoversDay, I also want to address an important issue: reading fatigue! 

Are you someone who used to love books, but can't get into them any more for some reason? Maybe it's because you're in school and burned out on assigned reading, or because life has gotten too busy, or because internet addiction (ahem ^) has shortened your attention span. 

If so, you're not alone. And you can get over it. I experienced a bad case of reading fatigue after I graduated from college. But I overcame it, and now love reading just as much (or more) than ever!

Read my tips on how to overcome reading fatigue here, at, you guessed it, The Stream

Have a great #BookLoversDay! What are your favorite books? 

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