Thanking God for Texas Things

Thanking God for Texas Things

Sometimes life is stressful. 

Like when you wake up the morning after quitting your full-time job to be a stay-at-home mom and freelance writer and think to yourself, what have I done?! (Don't worry — the freakout only lasted about five days.)

Or when you realize the carseat you got for your unborn little one doesn't fit in the backseat of your truck. (Technically it's our truck ... but I love it like it's mine.)

In times like these, it's important to remember all there is to be thankful for. And when you live in Texas, there's a lot. 

1. Highway Solidarity 

Do you follow Texas Humor on Twitter and Facebook? Their posts are always hashtag relatable. Like this tweet from this morning: 

Because we've all gotten stuck behind that slowpoke going exactly the speed limit in the fast lane. Which is for, you know, driving fast. (It's for "passing," technically. But hey, if you're going fast enough, you can pass all the slowpokes at once!)

Even worse? We've all known — and probably been stuck in the car with — someone who commits that grievous sin. But we love them anyway. Usually. As I responded earlier today:

2. Smiling at Random People 

I've been frequenting the QT down the road a lot in the last week for ... certain pregnancy cravings. As customers rush in and out, fueling up on gas or oversized fountain drinks, there is no shortage of smiles, saying "hi" and people holding doors open for those behind them. 

It occurred to me recently how many times I smile and say "hi" to strangers during one quick trip to QuikTrip. Then I thought of other states I've been to, where smiling and making eye contact with random people meant you were flirting, making a threat or clinically insane. 

Ah, the friendly state is good indeed. 

3. Tex-Mex and BBQ

A good friend recently visited us from a place that is not Texas. A native Texan, his only two requests during his weekend stay were as follows: eat real Tex-Mex, and eat Texas BBQ. 

So we did. 

And we probably would have even if he hadn't been here. Because the thing about eating real Tex-Mex and Texas BBQ is that you can never eat too much of it. It's not some tourist attraction or thing to check off your bucket list. It's literally our bread and butter.

And honestly, I'm making myself hungry just thinking about it. 

4. Dry Heat (In north Texas, anyway ... my apologies to y'all Houstonians)

Ok, maybe I'm alone on this one. But I love me some dry north Texas heat. Call me a reptile.

There's just something about going outside and getting beaten — nay, enthusiastically embraced — with the rays of the sun. I like to think the sun's just friendlier and bigger here in Texas, like everything else. So yeah, he gets a little overzealous at times...

But you know what? That makes things like snow cones, frozen margaritas and AC even sweeter.

5. Being Obsessed With the Rain

Texans, at least in my neck of the woods, are rain lovers. As soon as a thunderhead appears in the sky, people start singing praises. Literally.

Thank you Jesus! We need this rain! Bring it on! 

Such exultations come even when we're not in a severe drought. But here's the thing: Texans remember what severe droughts can do. We've lived through years of little to no rain, ruined crops, empty lakes, and tragic wildfires. I distinctly remember years when even I, no lover of water pouring down from the sky and making everything wet and slippery, praised God at the first rain drop we'd seen in months and months. 

So yeah, Texans are accustomed to being thankful for rain. And is being accustomed to giving thanks ever a bad thing? Not in my book. 

I could extoll the virtues of the Lone Star State further if I wanted. But writing out these five things has already eased my stress. Dang, I'm glad I live here. 

I'll leave you with this song by Zane Williams. 

Picture is of me at Enchanted Rock, yet another awesome Texas thing.

Hey, It's #BookLoversDay!

Hey, It's #BookLoversDay!

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Warning! I'm Very Offendable